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Welcome to Real Money. Real Talk. with Earnest Davis – A radio show and podcast about money, business, and life. I developed this platform to elevate the financial well-being of people around the world. I aim to empower people to take control of their lives by utilizing money as a tool to gain financial freedom and unleash the human potential. I’ve spent a lifetime studying to master the secrets to build economic success and spiritual purpose. While most people think being rich is about an unfair advantage, greed, or dishonesty; becoming rich is simply about understanding how to get money to “work FOR YOU” rather than you “work FOR IT!” The reality is you don’t need a finance degree or make a lot of money to gain financial freedom. The secret lies in exercising your God given power to “create money“– rather than to “spend it” or “save it”. But, few will take this life-long journey to financial freedom, even though it is offered to everyone. Enjoy my series of podcasts. May they bless you to create and build a life of purpose and meaning. Share this resource with a friend – and let’s have some “Real Talk” about money!

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Perhaps that untold story about me is that; although I’m a serial entrepreneur at the core – Speaking is really my first passion. I love challenging and motivating audiences with real-life stories and timeless principles that helped me (and others like me) forge a life of success and purpose. But don’t get it twisted, life for me was not a cake walk. In fact, it was paved with difficult streets and hard avenues. Growing up poor in small town in Mississippi, I had nothing more than a dream and an unshakable desire for success. I watched my father work for others all of his life, to only end up with a small pension and on government assistance. While I was grateful for my father’s hard work and dedication to our family, I also noticed while growing up that life was very different for my rich friends and their dads. Primarily, I saw that the rich lived and operated by a different set of rules. They controlled how much money they made, but for everyone else their bosses did. The rich got to travel at their leisure, while my dad and others waited to accrue vacation time. The rich funded their passions, while everyone else chased theirs. Fortunate enough to see both sides, I learned a valuable lesson – that in life there are only two types of paychecks – the one you earn (as an employee) and the one you earn (as an owner). And the BEST paycheck of them all is the one that shows up in the mail or in your bank account.

Needless to say, this left a mark on my life that made me determined at an early age to become an owner. So, I started investing in stocks at the age 15, started my first business at 16, and bought my first rental house at 19 (all while building a successful career in radio). After riding the rollercoaster of many failures and successes, I was blessed enough to flourish both personally and professionally. Now, there’s a greater mission and that mission is all about you.

Each Day is filled with New Opportunities

Let Me Help You Find yours

Years back I only wish I had someone on journey to show me the way. Even though I managed to build a successful portfolio of businesses and investments worth over
$2 million by the age of 39, the short story is that it all came tumbling down in the crash of 2008 and eventually led to bankruptcy. After recovering and rebuilding, I began to build a set of lessons and materials based partially on my own experiences and partially on the works and teachings of others. While the path of success may be hard, it doesn’t have to be lonely. I’ve spent nearly my entire life studying what it takes to break through barriers and achieve uncommon success and if there’s anything that keeps me up late at night and gets me up early – it’s… “Empowering others to live their dream and maximize their full potential”. There’s no greater mission for me. There’s no higher calling.

I advocate an uncommon approach to life and success by aggressively challenging people and organizations to dream big and to build; a Vision – Plan – and Process to create success around what they love and do best. I then help them to create a road map that gets them there. My philosophy is; I people could just see a glimpse of life’s possibilities – then they would rush – to discover the gift, find the work, do the task, and answer the calling that makes them say “I can’t wait to get up in the morning!” That’s the secret to achieving true Power, Wealth, and Abundance and the secret to making the impact in the world you were sent here to make. That’s what I want for you and I’m committed to helping you get there.

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In times of uncertainty like these, we all need financial well-being. The COVID-19 Pandemic has devastated millions of lives, jobs, and not to mention finances. In response to this pandemic, I decided to launch “Real Money Real Talk” with a special 4-part series called; Powering Through The Pandemic. I am joined by expert guests who share valuable information on relief and tips for; self employed, gig-workers, non-profits and businesses, plus smart moves you can make to help you get through! We even show you how to use this financial set back and financial set up! Now is the time to make money moves. I hope its information you find profitable.

To the families who’ve suffered great loss, we pray for you and hope this information somehow helps to empower you to come out of “greater’ on the other side.

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